Pelvic Floor Therapy – Women’s Health

Our devotion to women’s health therapy starts with a select group of CACC physical therapists who have received specialized training in the treatment and education of women’s health issues. Patients with pelvic pain or dysfunction will receive the best one-on-

one care in a private setting to help them get back to their highest quality of life. CACC physical therapists are the experts women can trust.


Our Women’s Health Therapy specializes in the following treatment options:

Urinary Incontinence – Treatments include strengthening exercises

for weakened pelvic floor muscles; education on fluid, diet, and lifestyle

modifications, and biofeedback training.

Chronic Pelvic Pain – Treatments include muscle re-education/strengthening/

relaxation exercises. Functional activity of daily living alternatives, postural

education, soft tissue massage, spinal/pelvic alignment corrections, and

biofeedback training.

Sacral Dysfunction – Treatments include manual techniques/mobilizations/

muscle energy techniques, flexibility for the lower back/lower extremity muscles,

strengthening of core/hip stabilizers and pelvic floor, and patient education.

Pregnancy and Postpartum – Many changes occur to the body during

pregnancy, and some of them result in pain and discomfort. The therapists at

CACC Physical Therapy are experts at evaluating and treating pregnancy-

related conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sacroiliac joint dysfunction,

low-back pain and “sciatica,” pubic symphysis dysfunction, and coccyx (tailbone)