How to Keep up With Your Physical Therapy Program in the Summer

Keeping up with physical therapy during the summer months can be tough. There are so many other things we have going on, vacations, parties, travel, outdoor activities, sports and more. But if you are currently in PT, there is an important reason why you are here.

That’s why we’re going to give you our best tips to help you keep your schedule on track.


Some of what makes the summer months challenging is planning around your schedule and other important obligations. To work through this, we advise planning ahead.

We’re not just talking about appointments on your calendar, either (although those are important). Here are some things to think about planning ahead:

Your PT appointments

Your schedule is busy during the summer, and so is your PT’s. Plan and schedule your appointments in advance. You’ll get the times and days that work best for you, and you’ll already have your PT appointments in your calendar to plan other things around.

Your exercise

Hopefully, you have a regular time to exercise. With schedule changes that come in the summer and with children being out of school, your schedule may change. Think about when you’re going to exercise ahead of time and you’ll stay consistent.

Your diet

Healthy eating often gets out last when you are busy with other obligations. Putting low quality fuel into your body won’t help you feel better. Think about planning what you’re going to eat ahead of time. We’re not saying to skip every summer treat offered to you, but maybe think about which ones you really need to have, and which ones you can skip in advance. It makes saying “no thanks” to tempting foods easier.

We’re realistic. We understand that life isn’t the same during the holidays as it is during the rest of the year. That’s part of what makes this time of year special! With that in mind, our next set of tips focuses on making modifications to help you get through the holidays successfully.

Your PT Plan

Even when you planned your PT appointments out well in advance, you might have run into some challenges that arise. Talk to your therapist about how you might be able to modify your plan of care through the summer to make it all work. Maybe you’re going to PT three times a week and now you can only come twice a week for a week or two. If you can share this in advance with your PT, you can work together to come up with the best plan possible.

Your exercise

Exercise is so important that it made our list twice. Now that you know when you’ll exercise, you might have to modify your routine to make it fit. Again, we recommend talking with your PT to see what you can do. Maybe your home exercise program can be modified so you can do everything in the kitchen during downtime when cooking. Maybe you can reduce the number of exercises to focus on maintaining the gains you’ve made until things settle down.

Your schedule

In your planning in advance (see how important it is?) you might have found that your normal routine wasn’t going to work. If your PT appointments or exercise time is usually right after work and you’ve now got commitments, maybe you can move them to the morning before work. Be flexible and consider temporarily modifying your schedule and your routine to make it work better during the summer. You can always go back to your previous routine after.

The summer is a fun and exciting time of year, but keeping up with your health and your physical therapy is so important to your overall wellbeing. With some planning and flexibility, you can stay healthy, survive the summer months and move into the fall feeling your best!