CACC Physical Therapy May 2020 Gratitude Challenge

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Join Us In The 31 Gratitude Challenge Throughout the month of May, CACC PT/PHOENIX is inviting you to participate with us in the “Gratitude Challenge” and reflect on the topic of gratitude. Take the time to consider all that is … Continue reading

CACC Physical Therapy Update COVID19

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Our Clinic is Open and Patient Safety is our Top Priority We are continuing to safely provide care for patients! Physical therapy treatment has been deemed as an essential service by governmental agencies and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), … Continue reading

CACC Visitor Protocols During Coronavirus

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CACC/Phoenix clinics remain open to provide our patients with the treatment they need. We are closely monitoring updates from the CDC and WHO to ensure we adhere to the guidelines that are being communicated. Additionally, we have implemented enhanced cleaning … Continue reading

What is Physical Therapy

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by Stephanie Granda, DPT, OCS So your doctor referred you to see a physical therapist, and here you are searching the internet to see exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Most people have opinions before they ever come see us, … Continue reading

Physical Therapy vs Chronic Pain Medication

January 2nd, 2019 / CACC / 0 comments

  The risk of dangerous side effects of prescription drugs has become more apart of society’s conscience. With The Opioid Crisis in Colorado is making headlines, the team at CACC thought it a good idea to talk about Physical Therapy … Continue reading

Dec News

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You’re Achy, You’re Sore, FASCIA and You Have No Idea Why?? It feels like muscle pain, but unlike a tight hamstring that makes you moan when you stand up, your ache isn’t triggered by a particular movement, and you can … Continue reading

Exercise Is Crucial To Easing Chronic Pain

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    Exercise is crucial to easing chronic pain symptoms and preventing future pain and back problems Pain is one of humanity’s most frequent complaints. Exercise therapy is a widely used treatment for pain. Reviews have shown that exercise therapy … Continue reading

CACC Physical Therapy has 4 Coats for Colorado Drop Off Locations

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  The Coats for Colorado campaign is in high gear. The project will be collecting gently-used coats for those in need until the end of November.  CACC Physical Therapy has 4 Coats for Coloardo drop off locations. Colorado and the … Continue reading

Oct News

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HEADS UP When using your Smartphone The human head weighs about twelve pounds. But as the neck bends forward and down, the weight on the cervical spine begins to increase. At a 15-degree angle, this weight is about 27 pounds, … Continue reading

Sept News

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It’s not just how much exercise you get, but also how much time you spend off your bottom that keeps your heart healthy! Another day, another study that confirms the reality that sitting is bad for you. Fortunately, says a … Continue reading