Turning the Clock Back 15 Years – John Senkinc’s Success Story

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I had back issues on and off my whole life. Then I messed up my back pretty good. I was desperate.” – John Senkinc John Senkinc spends much of his life behind a desk, like many of us. By working … Continue reading

Physical Therapy Can Help You Manage Your Pain

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If you are suffering from a pain condition and need help, let our team develop a pain management program specifically for you. Our therapists are highly trained in pain management techniques, and can recommend many options for treatment that can be … Continue reading

What is Physical Therapy?

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Everyone will likely need physical therapy (PT) some time in their life. However, many people don’t realize a Physical Therapist can help with many things beyond joint pain and rehabilitation after surgery. It’s National Physical Therapy Month, the perfect time … Continue reading

Rake Leaves Safely

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Fall yardwork season is here, take a look at our Leaf Raking Tips to avoid injuries when working in your yard.

Happy Halloween Coloring Page

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Happy Halloween! Enjoy our spooky coloring page. Print Our Coloring Page

Back on Top of the Mountain – Dan Skodol’s CACC Success Story

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“You let your guard down, you’re home free. I just finished a run and caught an edge, and very quickly took a big tumble.” A day of skiing in Keystone, Colorado quickly turned awful for Dan Skodol. “I imagined a … Continue reading

Start Preventing Falls Today

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 3 million older adults are treated for fall injuries each year in emergency departments. Twenty five percent of seniors 65-85 years old are at risk for a fall this year. For those that do fall, 40% are likely … Continue reading

Back in the Spotlight with Help from Blood Flow Restriction Training

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“My Mom and I didn’t think I’d dance again. But coming here and using BFR, now I’m back and better than ever!” – Addie Latimer, 12-Year-Old Patient 12-year-old Addison Latimer, or Addie as she’s called, bounces into CACC PT, fresh … Continue reading

Bike Fit, Bike Right!

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Whether you are a serious bicyclist or a recreational rider, when it comes to bicycling, you and your bike should fit well together. A proper bike fit minimizes discomfort, increases efficiency, and helps prevent pain or injury. The way you … Continue reading

Cervicogenic Headaches – How Physical Therapists Can Help

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Headaches come in many shapes and sizes, and not all headaches have the same underlying cause.  One type in particular, cervicogenic headaches, are fairly common and can be treated quite well by physical therapists. First, what is a cervicogenic headache?  … Continue reading