Preventing Falls in Your Bathroom

September 21st, 2023 / dave / 0 comments

Preventing Falls in Your Bathroom By, Kelsey Lovell, PTA According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four senior citizens experiences a fall every year. Falls can have serious short and long-term impacts for seniors. The bathroom … Continue reading

Printable Fall Prevention Checklist

September 18th, 2023 / dave / 0 comments

It is Falls Prevention Awareness Week, a nationwide observance intended to raise awareness of fall prevention, reduce the risk of falls, and help older adults live without the fear of falling. This year alone, 25 percent of seniors aged 65-85 … Continue reading

What is Neurorehabilitation Therapy?

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You can expect our neurorehabilitation and neurological therapy to include the evaluation and treatment of movement problems caused by disease or injury to the nervous system. Our Physical Therapists can provide these services to patients of all ages with the … Continue reading

Treating Concussions with Physical Therapy

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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate up to three million sports-related concussions happen each year in the U.S. with school-aged children making up most cases. One-third of those are children under the age of 14. It is also the … Continue reading

Oh No, Not Another Headache!

June 19th, 2023 / dave / 0 comments

By: Allison Weder We have all had them. Whether from injury, stress, or neck strain, people complain about headaches more than any other medical ailment. In fact, according to the National Headache Foundation, 40 million Americans are living with headache … Continue reading

Swim Suit Color for Safety

June 19th, 2023 / dave / 0 comments

What should you think about when buying a swim suit? Not the style or brand, but the COLOR! This decision could save your child’s life! Contrast is key. Turbidity or surface agitation can make it difficult to see underwater, but … Continue reading

Arthritis Hand Care Tips

May 23rd, 2023 / dave / 0 comments

May is National Arthritis Awareness Month. Did you know, arthritis is not a single disease? In fact, there are more than 100 types of arthritis and related conditions. They all affect the joints of the body and cause significant pain. … Continue reading

Walking: A Perfect Exercise

May 1st, 2023 / dave / 0 comments

Most people know that physical therapists often recommend exercise as part of their treatment. What most people don’t realize is how simple that exercise can be. Instead of complicated workouts, heavy weightlifting, or running for miles, physical therapists often surprise … Continue reading

Dynamic Warmup for Runners and Walkers

April 13th, 2023 / dave / 0 comments

Dynamic warmups will do three things to get your body ready for a running or walking workout: Increase core body temperature Improve your range of motion Boost blood flow to the “big” muscles you will be using when you workout … Continue reading

Healthy Choices During Therapy

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Good nutrition is necessary for healing. There are nutrients that the body needs more of during the healing process including increased amounts of protein, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Including more of these nutrients in your diet during your rehabilitation … Continue reading