Improve Your Posture With Three Simple Exercises

Are you slumped in your chair, or standing with your shoulders hunched forward? Let’s focus on your posture.

Posture is probably the most misunderstood word of fitness. As a matter of fact, posture is more than just something we “don’t do right.” Posture can change our lives, both physically and mentally. And it’s never too late to improve our posture.

Try these Exercises and Stretches
Wall Arch

Face the wall with your feet about 6 inches from the wall and 6 inches apart. Stretch your arms up to touch the wall while taking a deep breath (concentrate on flattening your stomach). Exhale and bring your arms down.

Mid Back Posture Correction

Sit on a chair with your chin in, but not up. Keep the stomach tight, chest forward and feet together flat on the floor. Raise your arms to form a “W” position (shoulders relaxed and elbows bent). Bring the elbows gently back, pinching the shoulder blades together and hold for a count of 1-2-3, then relax for the same count.

Wall Slide

Stand with your back and buttocks flat against a wall and feet a few inches away. Tuck in your chin to keep your head as close to the wall as possible. Flatten your tummy and “slide” up and down the wall. Keep your back and tummy flat while bending the knees and never go lower than a 90-degree angle.

Did you know?
  • Every move you make is affected by your posture.
  • The origin of the word posture stems from the Latin word for “position”.
  • Everything in your body is connected. Each misaligned movement can cause an issue.
  • In order for your muscles to grow and organs to function, you need a good supply of oxygen.
  • When you have poor posture, you’re less able to bring in enough air.