Is PT for Me?


Physical Therapy (PT) can be used to treat the whole body. Did you know that physical therapy can help with chronic back pain, headaches and even controlling diabetes? PT is an excellent option for people with pain or recovering from an injury, accident or surgery. Physical therapy can be used to get you back to enjoying the activities that you love.

Here is an overview of some ways that PT can help you:

1. Prehab Rehabilitation Pre-surgery rehabilitation, or “prehab,” can help kick start your recovery process with the help of expert Phoenix Physical Therapists. Prehab therapy is designed to strengthen the body before surgery. The stronger you are before surgery, the easier it will be to meet your goals. Some patients have great success controlling pain and improving mobility with prehab PT.

2. Prevent Injury Physical therapy can be used as a form of preventative care. Learn proper techniques for stretching, running, and more to prevent injuries and even improve your athletic performance.

3. Improve Strength, Mobility and Balance Physical Therapists understand movement in the human body. They can provide you with useful stretches, exercises, and proper posture techniques to prevent everything from neck pain, carpal tunnel, knee pain and more. You can use physical therapy to improve your overall body mechanics for everyday activities and exercise.

4. Manage Aging Physical therapy can have many benefits for seniors. It can be used to address pain, osteoarthritis, balance, and fall prevention while also helping seniors maintain their independence. A Physical Therapist will assess all the contributing factors and develop exercises to address specific issues.

5. Treatment for a Disease or Condition Physical Therapy can be used to treat a variety of diseases and conditions. Many Physical Therapists complete advanced training to specialize in treating patients with specific conditions. Patients can benefit from physical therapy for pelvic floor pain and dysfunction, type 2 diabetes, headaches, and neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Physical therapy can also be extremely helpful in recovering from illnesses like COVID-19. A customized program is created for each patient to address their specific condition, pain and goals.

6. Work-Related Injuries and Recovery Your employer or doctor may refer you for physical therapy for a variety of reasons. Employers often partner with a physical therapy practice for workers’ compensation related injuries as well as pre-employment screening, work conditioning and hardening and functional capacity evaluations. Physical therapy can help you return to work safely and efficiently.