How Physical Therapy Can Help With COVID Recovery

Getting back to feeling like yourself after recovering from COVID-19 can take time, and Phoenix PT is here to help you recover, recharge and rise.

Our experienced Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists are available to provide care to patients recovering from a recent illness like COVID-19. It is known that 14% of COVID-19 patients may develop severe symptoms that can last for several weeks and some even develop what is known as “long COVID” where symptoms linger for months. You may experience the aftereffects including muscle and joint pain, extreme fatigue, neuropathy, headaches, sleep disturbances, anxiety, and decreased cognitive function, amongst other residual symptoms. These lingering symptoms can impair an individual’s ability to participate in all aspects of their life, including difficulty caring for themselves or family members, interfering with their ability to perform their occupation, or leisure activities.

Our Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists can help patients who have ongoing complications recover and resume normal activities. A Phoenix therapist will work with patients to develop an individualized program to re-build their strength, energy, and physical conditioning after illness, and facilitate return to normal function. Patients can choose from in-clinic therapy, in-home outpatient therapy (IHOPT) or remote care through TelePT if they are not yet ready to leave their home.

Phoenix Physical Therapy, and our highly-trained physical and occupational therapist are Always Safe and Always Ready to provide care to patients in our local communities. Patients recovering from COVID-19 must have medical clearance from their physician and adhere to all Phoenix COVID-19 Safety Protocols. We are committed to providing all patients with a safe and healthy clinic environment. how physical therapy can help you.

Our COVID-19 Recovery Program will include a mix of the following components that are customized for each patient.

Treatments for PT may include:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Aerobic conditioning
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Manual techniques
  • Functional retraining

Treatments for OT may include:

  • Energy Conservation
  • ADL training
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Activity Modification
  • Patient education

To learn more about how we can aid in your COVID recovery please contact a  nearby clinic for more information.